Make yours a true set & forget Investment

The ultimate Protection Plan

 Our PM Essentials Plan  Maintenance Guarantee  Rent & Tenant Guarantee

What if:

1. You always receive the same rent paid, every month, never late and never short, regardless of what actually happens with your property or tenant. 
2. You enjoy a fixed-price maintenance plan so you didn't have to keep reaching into your pocket for repairs & maintenance. 
3. You receive an extensive property condition report at least twice yearly, so you know that your property is being well maintained.
4. Your investment property is managed with next to no input from you, providing you with peace-of-mind and more free time.
5. You always have a dream tenant so you never need to be hassled about a tenant breaching their lease.
6. You always got paid in-full for tenant water usage by the following month, and
7. You never have to spend another minute thinking about whether to approve a tenant or offer a renewal lease.


With the Ultimate Protection Plan you receive a guaranteed payment each month that includes the following 3-point guarantee:

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