You CAN end up with a tenant drama even with a good property manager

What's so different about us?

CASE STUDY - Drama vs NO Drama

The perfect tenant turns bad

For 5 years Matt and Sandy were the perfect tenants, always paid their rent on time and had a perfect history.

  • Marriage broke down 
  • Matt left the house
  • Sandy could no longer keep up with the rent 
  • Sandy had to move out
  • Sandy was overwhelmed and left behind cleaning and some damage 
  • Didn’t pay outstanding rent and water bills
  • Costing you thousands
  • The bond doesn’t cover it
  • Insurance claims have to be made

What would happen with a normal property manager?

What would happen with

We submit your insurance claim
We PAY for the insurance excess from our own pocket

You still get full rent
while we get things sorted!

Our PM Essentials Plan + Rent & Tenant Guarantee

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