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We currently have a 4.59 rating out of 5.0 stars. That's from over 940 reviews and counting (last updated Oct 2021).

Very happy to know your company is on the ball most of the time people never get back which then cause problems, Thanks again. 

Tenant- Jeffrey, January 2022

Very attentive at answering my email. 

Tenant- Amanda, January 2022

Ladies are always polite and helpful.

Tenant- Karen, January 2022

Fast friendly service all the time.

Tenant- Robert, January 2022

Super efficient and ever so friendly service, greatly appreciated.

Tenant- Maree, January 2022

Karen has been a life line at times for me personally. She has a job to do and she does it well, but she also has a real concern for the people she manages we need more of her in our lives. 

Tenant- Jeannette, January 2022

Very happy with Karen’s management of our property. We have left it all to her and she has not disappointed us. Grateful to have Karen working for us.

Owner- Joy, January 2022

Thanks very much Chandler for responding to my air conditioner maintenance request. Really appreciate the speed you’ve acted on this request.

Tenant-Shaun, January 2022

Sue has been amazing to deal with. She is very professional. And one day when I own a rental I would want her to be managing that. Throughout my entire lease I have only ever wanted to deal with Sue.

Tenant- Danielle, January 2022

Nothing seems to be a problem for them and they are there always to help.

Owner- Janne, January 2022

With a short notice, Chandler has kindly arranged an appointment with my tenants to allow me to view my property in Maroochydore during my holiday over there. I had a very nice email correspondence with her. Her response was very timely.

Quick, lovely and helpful response to my issue. Excellent service! 

Tenant- Jackson, January 2022

Karen has always treated me with dignity and respect for which l will be eternally thankful. 

Tenant- John, December 2021

=  Sue is always great to deal with, very professional and caring towards her clients at all times.

Tenant- Haidee, December 2021

Very polite, friendly and definitely well professional. She had listened, explained an enquiry and helped with it be achieved! ★★★★★★★★★★

Tenant, Alex- December 2021

With my stress level high with trying to find a place to live in a short time frame but Claire was very nice and calming and promptly helped me. 

Maree, December 2021

I spoke with Claire and she was very polite and answered all my questions with ease. I was very satisfied. 

Tenant, Samantha- December 2021

I've found Sue from very prompt and courteous. Excellent to deal with!

Tenant- Samantha, December 2021

Courteous and helpful. 

Tenant, John- December 2021

I have found it a very easy and welcoming service to obtain a house with. 

Tenant, Skye- December 2021

Shelley has gone above and beyond to help us. I can't speak highly enough of the service we have received from her. 

Tenant- Bronwyn, December 2021

Saved us heaps of time and money with a great deal on a replacement new dishwasher, cheers. 

Owner, Karl- December 2021

Very fast response. 

Tenant- Heather, December 2021

Always helpful and polite. 

Tenant, December 2021

Instant help when asked. 

Tenant, December 2021

Sue went over and above for us. Very, very much appreciated.

Dan & Bronwyn, Tenants- December 2021

Karen has been the first agent assigned this property during my time as a tenant in this house that has actually done her job. She has also been very understanding and I thank her for that.

Lauren- Tenant, December 2021

Easily contactable and enquiry resolved promptly and accurately.

Owner- Nathan, December 2021

Got quick responses. 

Tenant, December 2021

Friendly and easy to understand, 

Owner- Daniel, November 2021

Thanks guys your great!

Tenants- Glen & Lucille, November 2021

Polite and friendly service. 

Tenant- Grace, November 2021

Denise is always extremely attentive and helpful in all ways. 

Tenant- Cherryl, November 2021

Prompt help, 

Tenant- Pat, November 2021

Always friendly and helpful, with prompt replies to queries or maintenance issues. 

Tenant- Sam, November 2021

Speedy communication. 

Tenant- Heather, November 2021

Chandler was excellent and prompt, got the issue sorted straight away and followed up. 

Owner- Andrew, November 2021

Great service always!

Tenant, Paul & Sue, November 2021


Owner Judy, November 2021

Karen was great to deal with. Any issues that arose were always dealt with reasonably.

Tenant- Aaxle, November 2021

The people are lovely and welcoming. They get back to emails straight away and are always helpful.

Tenant- Kerry, November 2021

Susan is always courteous, thorough, efficient and a good communicator. 

Tenant- Ian, November 2021

Great service all round. 

Tenant- Clinton, November 2021

Trayc is on the ball at every call we have together. She understands her job very well and is lovely to deal with always.

Owner- Rose, November 2021

They’re very efficient and quick to get back to you compared with other real estates. 

Tenant- Kandice, November 2021

Denise is always cheerful and ready to help in anyway she can.

Tenant- Judy, November 2021

Claire was very helpful and quickly addressed my questions and ensured there were no issues.

Tenant- Justin M, November 2021

The person I spoke to was able to answer my questions and had a phone manner that was both friendly and professional. 

Tenant- Anna, November 2021

The young lady was clear, concise and never once made me feel like I was wasting her time or worse, being a goose.

Tenant- Belinda, November 2021

Friendly service. 

Tenant- Kalinka, November 2021