Pay a weekly fee and receive up to $5,000 of repairs and maintenance.

What's so different about us? 

It's like health insurance for your rental property. 


How much does your current property manager pay from their own pocket for...

Ask yourself Your mgr pays
Your smoke alarm and blind compliance? none 100%
Your annual termite inspections? none 100%
Your gas bottle compliance? none 100%
Your air conditioner servicing? none 100%
Your garage door servicing? none 100%
Your pest control treatment if required? none 100%
Total none 100%

CASE STUDY - Disruption vs Peace-of-mind

So you brought your investment property to get ahead financially. A Set n’ Forget investment is what ‘they’ say. But in reality, it’s like this:

You are flat out at work and you just want to get home and relax but when you get home you check your emails and see that your property manager has been trying to get a hold of you .....A broken light fixture, a leaking tap, and the oven is playing up.... And your tenant is threateninging to stop paying rent until things are fixed... More decisions to make. To approve or not? Did they get the best quote or not? Do I have enough cash flow to cover that this month, as the rates are due now too!!!

Arghh!!!...... you are too busy for this!

Sick of putting your hand in your pocket for repairs and maintenance. Take away the financial pressure of unexpected repairs & maintenance with our maintenance guarantee.

What would happen with
a normal property manager?

What would happen with

The problems would be fixed, with
no disruption and no cost to you!

The normal process sucks!

Lumpy payments need to be made affecting your regular cash flow.

Unexpected maintenance issues come up, costing thousands just in one year.

The property manager doesn’t take ownership of the issue - they just tell you facts.

You have to play phone tag with them to get all the problems sorted.

You need to regularly put your hand into your pocket to pay for things that come up.

You know you should do some preventative maintenance but it's just too costly.

Our PM Essentials Plan + Maintenance Guarantee

FROM $39 / week

Get started now

From just an extra $10 a week.

GuaRENTeed will solve this for you.