We pay the rent even when it's vacant

What's so different about us?


From their own pocket, how much does your current property manager pay:

  Your Property Mgr

Towards your insurance excess when things go bad? none Up to $500
Towards your rent payments when things go bad? none Up to 15 Weeks @ $550 p/wk that’s over $8,550!
Towards all the rent while its vacant, if you have to drop the rent to secure a new tenant or keep an existing one? none We pay the
shortfall not you
If your tenant doesn't pay their water costs? none We pay it all

Even with a good property manager in a tight market, investors can still suffer the pain of vacancies

CASE STUDY - Continuous Rent vs NO Rent

Unexpected tenancy delay = no rental payments!

Your property manager found the perfect tenant for your vacant property and the paperwork was drawn up ready for the tenant to sign.

But on the day the tenant was due to sign they pulled out

What would happen with
a normal property manager?

What would happen with

If there is a delay in finding a tenant or a tenant pulls out –
you still get your rental income on time, every time,
even when there is NO tenant!

When you don’t have tenants
It costs us not you.
It’s a no brainer!


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