Guaranteed Rent. No Maintenance. No Hassles.

Finally… a solution that not only guarantees my rent, includes property maintenance and never has a bad tenant, but also takes care of the day-to-day management so I never have to lift a finger… GuaRENTeed has arrived.

No Bad Tenants costs

GuaRENTeed promises fixed payments every month, never late and never short, giving you peace-of-mind and a set-and-forget investment.

The GuaRENTeed Promise

We guarantee you will receive the full agreed rent from the start date, on time – every time. If your property ever sits vacant or we have to reduce the rent to secure a tenant, you will continue to receive full rent… up to 15 weeks rent per year

Tenant Guarantee

We guarantee you a tenant that looks after your property and pays their rent & water bill on time during the tenancy. If they don’t pay or leave behind a bill in excess of the bond, we’ll pay the difference…up to $20,000 per year.

We guarantee that after the initial 30 day period, we will undertake and pay for all repairs & maintenance included in our plan.… up to $5000 per year

GuaRENTeed will take care of your investment property with less risk and less hassle than a property manager. It’s a no brainer.

Now that the team from GuaRENTeed are looking after my property, I never have to worry and the rent is always paid on time.Dean S. Sunshine Coast.

So don’t get a property manager – get GuaRENTeed instead!

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